What is the benefit from unblocking foreign Netflix?

Are You watching Netflix from the United States? So, you haven’t access to 1508 amazing TV Series and 5733 perfect Movies from other Netflix regions.

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Most of Netflix viewers in United States mistakenly think that their Netflix and Netflix in America, UK or Australia were exactly the same. Netflix isn’t the same everywhere and you might be surprised to find that Netflix has different movies and TV shows available for streaming in different countries.

unblock netflix benefits

The number and quality of movies and TV shows you have access to will depend on where you live. Even the libraries of the U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada are quite different.

For example, Indian users of Netflix can’t watch House of Cards, a landmark Netflix series in the U.S. The best Netflix content available exclusively in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It could frustrating for people outside of the U.S. or other top-content Netflix countries. But here is decision - we allow open foreign library and let you see more of 7241 additional Netflix titles in your region.

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Films that we unlocking have the highest rating in the world, and many of them have won prestigious awards such as the Oscar Academy Awards, Charlevoix Venetian Festival, Festival de Cannes, Berlinale etc.

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Unblock Benefits in comparison with conventional Netflix from United States

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5 reasons to unblock US Netflix

  1. Limited Regional Selections. You can enjoy the entire U.S. catalog for just $8-per-month, but if you can’t watch the same content, then that $8 cost may not worth it for you.
  2. An Outdated Regional Library. These days, only Netflix originals can ever be considered timely and trendy, but they blocked outside USA.
  3. 4th season of House of Cards and other trendy TV-series. No Comments :)
  4. Unblocking Netflix with Unblock and Watch you get access to more than 200 unblocked services, many of which are free or with free Trial
  5. Only $4,3 per month - the cost of a cup of coffee.

Read the article, Register Netflix account and get 30 days of watching Netflix library absolutely for free! How to register foreign Netflix account abroad?

Why Does the Netflix Library Differ?

The producers of any movie or TV show want to maximize profits from their product. So they license their creation to different content distributors in different parts of the world. Naturally, the highest bidder wins the rights.

For the sake of example, let’s talk about Star Wars, one of the best geek movies of all time. As a distributor (yes, streaming content counts as “distributing”), Netflix has to decide if enough people in the U.S., the UK, India, and other regions will watch Star Wars to recover the expense of buying the rights.

Is it Legal?

Yes, this is legal. And you will not get in trouble doing this as other 100,000s of international Netflix watchers around the world.

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About Netflix

Netflix is a global leader of video on-demand and internet streaming service which provides wide library of popular movies and TV series. Netflix works in more than 200 regions, but best movies and shows available on US, UK, Canadian and Australian media markets. But in the USA Netflix catalogue really better than those of other Netflix regions such as Canada, Australia and UK.

Netflix Region: USA USAUnited Kingdom United KingdomAustralia AustraliaCanada Canada

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