Why do I need unblock Hulu?

If you try to Sign Up and watch Hulu from United States, you will see a blocking message "Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within United States".

Hulu blocked outside US

So, you should unblock Hulu for watching from United States. Should I?

Hulu is #2 world streaming service with 9 million users. Number of hours of video available on Hulu is 68000 hours!

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Hulu works with 500 content partners and delivers for users best content from such TV Networks as Showtime, ABC, Bravo, FX, FOX, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Univision and many other channels and Networks. You can watch with Hulu popular TV-Series and movies, as 11.22.63, The Path, Family Guy, Seinfield, The Mindy Project, South Park, Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Empire, SNL, CSI and others.

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About Hulu

Hulu is an US streaming service which offers movies and TV shows. This service is geoblocked for other than USA countries. That means you can't stream any content from this service if you are outside the US borders. But this can change with a Smart DNS proxy service such as "Unblock and Watch". Once you setup this service, you will be able to connect to Hulu on either your Android, iOS, tabled, Xbox, PS4, Roku, Apple TV, Mac, PC, ChromeCast, Wii, Smart TV, etc.

How Can I Watch Hulu Using "Unblock and Watch"?

The moment Hulu sees your location other than US, it will block all the content from your view. "Unblock & Watch" gives you the possibility to hide your actual location from Hulu. That way, Hulu will not know your real location as it will be tricked in thinking your are located in the US. This service simply redirects your traffic which can reveal your location without changing your IP address. That way, you will not have any problems such as lose of internet connection, etc. Keeping your local IP will still help you have access to the restricted sites in your region. Check out this link to enjoy a free 7 days trial period with "Unblock and Watch".

Hulu Region: USA USAUnited Kingdom United KingdomCanada Canada

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